That's right baby, this is The Black Mamba!

May 2010 marked the history of the formation of The Black Mamba. The founders were Pedro Tatanka, Ciro Cruz and Miguel Casais. The band name came from the inspiration they found from their own infectious venom and they used it to name their first album. The chemistry and experience of these great musicians combined, allowed them to traverse the universe of blues, soul and funk in the adaptation of their roots and environment.

The Portuguese public immediately recognized the band’s talent and supported their work.


The first album sold out in stores and reached 1st place in iTunes. Airplay on the radio, as well as their presence in concerts from north to south of the country, and in prominent festivals was a huge victory in Portugal. It spoke to their immediate success.


In little more than a year after their debut tour, they toured the world and left their mark in concerts in several places such as Philadelphia, Luanda, Madrid, and Seville. They closed out 2013 in Rock and Rio acclaimed by the media. Fans received them with open arms and showed their support in Rio de Janeiro and the renowned Bourbon Street Music Club in Sao Paulo.

2014 started with the production of their second album of originals. “Dirty Little Brother” was produced in Lisbon and New York and published on 22nd September. This album of 11 new songs included collaborations with Aurea, Antonio Zambujo, Silk (Caís Sodre Funk Connection,) Carlos Gonçalves Pereira, and Orlanda Guilande. “Wonder Why”, a single with Aurea, has played continuously on national radio stations and continues to enjoy great audience and public reception as well as recognition from critics.

2015 brought the band back to big stages across the country. They played in major festivals like NOS Alive, NOS Summer Opening, and Crato Festival.


At Mares Vivas Festival in Porto, they shared the main stage with Lenny Kravitz, John Legend, Jamie Cullum, The Script, among others.


It was also the year that took the band back to Spain and Brazil where they had concerts at Virada Cultural Festival in Sao Paulo and in the prestigious Bourbon Street. They also played at Café dos Prazeres and Bar Bramha. Once again, they were acclaimed by fans and the press.


During 2015, Ciro Cruz, bassist and co-founder of the band, left the project. Pedro Tatanka and Miguel Casais become the driving force of The Black Mamba.


In 2016, the band continued with a series of concerts in acoustic format in a tour first started in 2015. They also performed electric concerts in more than 40 stages at summer open-air concerts. They participated in many of the biggest festivals and national events filling the venues with enthusiastic fans.

The Black Mamba is one of the most energetic and exciting bands performing live.

The band caught the attention of Grammy Award winner, producer and musician Skyler Jet, formerly of the Commodores and Sly and the Family Stone. He has since appeared several times in venues with the band and also recorded a song for a movie soundtrack with The Black Mamba.


In 2017, The Black Mamba began the year with a full house at one of the most iconic concert halls in Portugal, the Coliseum of Porto. The magical evening included performances by some of the biggest names in the nation like Rui Veloso, Miguel Araujo, Antonio Zambujo, and Richie Campbell. The fans were very receptive to the release of their new single, “I Wanna Be With You”. Once again, the press acclaimed the band performances.


The band has a full schedule for 2017 including some of the biggest festivals in Europe.


2018 began with the Lisbon Coliseum full house, the portuguese concert hall for excellence, the band was touring all over the year, playing in some of the biggest and prestigious Portuguese festivals, claim once more by the critique as one of the best bands live ever in Portugal.

The year is ending with a gig at the Cambridge Jazz Festival, as well as the new album, the 3rd one of originals, “Mamba King”, out in the stores since the 19Th of October.


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